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Scandinavian colours or lush green

Tyras Trädgård i mars

Same, same but different, there are three months between these two pictures. They are in mono-colour but can you see the cool Scandinavian colours in the March picture and can you see the lush green colours of the June picture?

Juni i trädgården

 If you want to here are The pictures in colour in Växthus och Potager.


Akbar the great’s Tomb. Sikandara


This is from the a most magical place, Sikandara India. I arrive one early evening to look at the Tomb of Akbar. Jajaluddin Muhammad Akbar son of Humayun and grandson of Babar. The sun was just about to set and the evening was warm and quiet. It’s is something about this place, I cannot say what it is…. Indian Feng Shui I suppose. In the garden in front of the building there were a lot of deers, mazingly beautiful peacocks and monkeys, no flowers but a lot of lush trees.    

Akbar the great ruled 1556-1605. He founded a vast empire from Kabul to Assam and Kashmir to Ahmednagar.

Akbar was a polymath: an architect, artisan, artist, armorer, blacksmith, carpenter, construction worker, emperor, engineer, general, inventor, animal trainer (reputedly keeping thousands of hunting cheetahs during his reign and training many himself), lacemaker, technologist and theologian. WOW!

more from my journey to India…….