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A Scented October Morning – Monochrome


 October Scents

The monochrome weekly with our host Aileni

Engarn and Lonicera Caprifolium

 Engarn, Vaxholm

Lonicera caprifolium - Honeysuckle


Morning dew


fog down on the meadow by the lake. 

wet cold feet on the grass 

a scent of Caprifolium… 

 October scents

Barns, the forgotten buildings.

Shed in October

Barn in the field just outside Skärplinge,  Sweden.


Fall, the harvest is done, it is quiet and the barn stands in solitude in the field. Only the wind and the rain knocks on the door.

Old Shed

All these beautiful barns or sheds are from the northern part of Uppland. The pictures are taken in October 2007. They are standing alone in the fields and ageing beautifully. They are all painted with  a special paint from Dalarna called “Red from Falun” Faluröd.

October photos of sheds.

A barn in the field, Uppland, Sweden