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Blackberry Monday – Rubus L.


Blackberry Monday – Monochrome weekly

It is not about BlackBerry the smartphone device, this is about September harvest – Now it is time to harvest the lovely Blackberries and this year they are wonderful, so big and juicy. I’m going to make a Blackberry pie – I think…
Blackberry Pie Baked in the Best Flaky Pie Crust sound just great.

Bramble - Rubus L.

Bramble - Rubus L.

Rubus L.
Rubus L.
Wikipedia says this about the Blackberries:

The blackberry is an edible berry in the Rubus genus and the Rosaceae family. The fruit are botanically termed an aggregate fruit and they are produced on plants that typically have biennial canes and perennial roots. Blackberries and raspberries are also called caneberries or brambles. It is a widespread and well known group of several hundred species, many of which are closely related apomictic microspecies native throughout the temperate Northern hemisphere and South America. Wikipedia   


Björnbär (Rubus subg. Rubus) är ett samlingsnamn på flera arter inom familjen Rosaceae, släktet Rubus. Den vanligaste är sötbjörnbär (Rubus plicatus). Björnbärskomplexet består ett stort antal arter, underarter och former, som hör till de mest svårskilda i vår flora. Odlade sorter är dessutom ofta hybrider av olika arter. De kallas ibland även “svarthallon” och “björnhallon” (se även blåhallon). Tidigare betraktade man björnbär som en enda art, vilken då kallades Rubus fruticosus.


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Barns, the forgotten buildings.

Shed in October

Barn in the field just outside Skärplinge,  Sweden.


Fall, the harvest is done, it is quiet and the barn stands in solitude in the field. Only the wind and the rain knocks on the door.

Old Shed

All these beautiful barns or sheds are from the northern part of Uppland. The pictures are taken in October 2007. They are standing alone in the fields and ageing beautifully. They are all painted with  a special paint from Dalarna called “Red from Falun” Faluröd.

October photos of sheds.

A barn in the field, Uppland, Sweden