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Drottningskär – The Citadel at Aspö

This summer I visited a small island called Aspö in the archipelago of Karlskrona . We just made a quick stop on our way to Bornholm. Aspö  has got a beautiful Citadel, Drottningskär – Queen Citadel with a lovely restaurant. Aspö also got a pilot tower Lotstorn  and you can stay over there!  Aspö Lots Torn Archipelago Hotel If you prefer a hostel they have that as well Drottningskärs Vandrarhem We however stay down in the harbor. Unfortunately the weather was not at its best but we did get around the island a bit and paid a visit to the magnificent citadel.



The Citadel


Sailing boat down in the harbor

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Sittin’ in the dock of the bay

This picture is from a small island called Aspö


 Sittin’ in the morning sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes
Watching the ships roll in
Then I watch them roll away again, yeah I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watchin’ the tide roll away, ooh
I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time


Words from Otis Redding’s wonderful song


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Qatab Minar – Stairway to Heaven


Stairway to heaven


378 huge steps…

Qutab Minar
Qutab Minar

 Qutb or sometimes written Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar is among the tallest and famous towers in the world. The minaret is 234 feet high/ 75,2 meter and the highest individual tower in the world, made in red sandstone. Tapering 2,75 – 14,32 meter in diameter! This Qutab Minar and its monuments are on UNESCO’s World heritage list.  The minar was completed in 1200 A.D and since then the tall structure has been there upright and very beautiful, keeping an eye over Delhi just like a guardian.


 When I visited the minar it was great many school classes with children there to look at this amazing monument. It was a treat to watch all of them in their school uniforms, they all looked very neat and tidy and above all very happy. The minar is very sincerely looked after by the authorities much like the same as other historic monuments in India. I was amazed by how well kept it was. 

 Qutab Minar is a great masterpiece of  Mughal Indo- Islamic architecture. It has a number of floors or storeys, which has beautiful carvings like the one on the tomb of Iltutmish. There are inscriptions all round the tower and these inscriptions reveal that Iltutmish finished the tower.

 Moving upstairs inside the minar will give you a wonderful experience and counting the stairs is always a fun… for visitors, I don’t know about that. It has 378 exhausting steps, which takes huge amount of energy to reach at the top of  this minar but the top of the Qutab minar gives an insight to Delhi because one get to see a bird’s eye view of this great city of India. The minar did obtain some damages because of earthquakes on more than a couple of occasions but was reinstated and renovated.

  The leaning  tower of  Delhi…no but the minar is not that upright as it used to be because of wears and tears over the past numerous years it has been there. Closely looking at the minaret it gives you an idea that it is a bit tilted towards one side.

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TYRA…no I didn’t climb the stairs


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Navigare Necesse Est


Navigare necesse est

Navigare necesse est


This was the last sailing weekend for this season and the sailing was wicked with gale force wind!


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Monochrome Monday



2 2 2 2 2 2 TRAIN or in plain English…

Monochrome Maniac

Steam Engine

Steam Engine


“I would like to  have – two II class tickets for the 13.58 train.”

I tought that was so funny whwn I was a small girl, well I still think it is  amusing.

Say it,  2 2 2 2 2 2 train and this train is a 2 2 train called Hamra.


It’s a steam engine that I saw on my trip to Mariefred.


“This is the heart of Östra Södermanlands Järnväg  (Ö.S1.J). The line was originally the SJ standard gauge line from Läggesta to Mariefred, which the Swedish State Railways (SJ) operated until the mid-1960’s when the line was closed. Ö.Sl.J., which began on a small scale at the Lina brick works in Södertälje in 1959, took after a few years over the track and station in Mariefred and rebuilt the track to 600 mm narrow gauge.” Text from wikipedia.


Mariefred – Läggesta Nedre

Stationerna längs banan heter Gripsholmsviken (tidigare Folkhögskolan) som passeras ca. 600 meter efter Mariefreds station. Efter 1 kilometer passerar man Hjorthagen med ett litet stickspår på sidan och litet stationshus. Därefter åker man mot Marielundsviken och passerar stationen Marielund där det förekommer tågmöten på lördagar, stationen har två spår samt ett litet stationshus. Efter Marielund kommer tåget in i skogen och om man tittar noga kan man på höger sida se hållplatsen Ekudden som passeras utan att stanna. Nu kommer tåget ut ur skogen och bredvid fanns tidigare ett 1435 mm spår fram som leder till Taxinge-Näsby. Nu har vi kommit till Läggesta Nedre efter nästan 4 km. Från Läggesta Nedre kan man ta SJs tåg eller helt enkelt åka samma tåg tillbaka. Wikipedia

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April in Amsterdam, it’s early morning and I’m taking a walk through the quiet street of Amsterdam.

Morning in Amsterdam

It is calm and hardly anyone is out, only the street cleaners, refuse collection folks,  a few people on there way to work. You hear the sounds of heels on the cobbles, a few birds an then nothing.

An early morning in Amsterdam

Amsterdam people are a bike riding people there are thousands of them, the streets are narrow and crowded so thank god that they love there bicycles. It would have been absolutely dreadful with cars.

Akbar the great’s Tomb. Sikandara


This is from the a most magical place, Sikandara India. I arrive one early evening to look at the Tomb of Akbar. Jajaluddin Muhammad Akbar son of Humayun and grandson of Babar. The sun was just about to set and the evening was warm and quiet. It’s is something about this place, I cannot say what it is…. Indian Feng Shui I suppose. In the garden in front of the building there were a lot of deers, mazingly beautiful peacocks and monkeys, no flowers but a lot of lush trees.    

Akbar the great ruled 1556-1605. He founded a vast empire from Kabul to Assam and Kashmir to Ahmednagar.

Akbar was a polymath: an architect, artisan, artist, armorer, blacksmith, carpenter, construction worker, emperor, engineer, general, inventor, animal trainer (reputedly keeping thousands of hunting cheetahs during his reign and training many himself), lacemaker, technologist and theologian. WOW!

more from my journey to India…….