Qatab Minar – Stairway to Heaven


Stairway to heaven


378 huge steps…

Qutab Minar
Qutab Minar

 Qutb or sometimes written Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar is among the tallest and famous towers in the world. The minaret is 234 feet high/ 75,2 meter and the highest individual tower in the world, made in red sandstone. Tapering 2,75 – 14,32 meter in diameter! This Qutab Minar and its monuments are on UNESCO’s World heritage list.  The minar was completed in 1200 A.D and since then the tall structure has been there upright and very beautiful, keeping an eye over Delhi just like a guardian.


 When I visited the minar it was great many school classes with children there to look at this amazing monument. It was a treat to watch all of them in their school uniforms, they all looked very neat and tidy and above all very happy. The minar is very sincerely looked after by the authorities much like the same as other historic monuments in India. I was amazed by how well kept it was. 

 Qutab Minar is a great masterpiece of  Mughal Indo- Islamic architecture. It has a number of floors or storeys, which has beautiful carvings like the one on the tomb of Iltutmish. There are inscriptions all round the tower and these inscriptions reveal that Iltutmish finished the tower.

 Moving upstairs inside the minar will give you a wonderful experience and counting the stairs is always a fun… for visitors, I don’t know about that. It has 378 exhausting steps, which takes huge amount of energy to reach at the top of  this minar but the top of the Qutab minar gives an insight to Delhi because one get to see a bird’s eye view of this great city of India. The minar did obtain some damages because of earthquakes on more than a couple of occasions but was reinstated and renovated.

  The leaning  tower of  Delhi…no but the minar is not that upright as it used to be because of wears and tears over the past numerous years it has been there. Closely looking at the minaret it gives you an idea that it is a bit tilted towards one side.

 The Monochrome Weekly, with our host Aileni


TYRA…no I didn’t climb the stairs


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  1. Love the angle, what an masterpiece.. beautiful

  2. Hei, Tyra 🙂

    Herlig bilde av et svært fasinerende byggverk. Vakkert, vakkert 🙂

    Ha en fin kveld.

  3. Har du sett på maken. Spennende bygning … men jeg tror ikke at jeg hadde tatt turen opp alle trappene.

  4. Det var litt av et innlegg – et imponerende tårn som jeg i min uvitenhet ikke har hørt om før. Takk for at du har rettet opp det!

  5. yes, quite impressively beautiful.

    • rico amachi
    • October 11th, 2009


  6. Very exquisite detail of the building. Artistic. Would like to see it in its true color. The structure must be imposing. Very nice mono photo.

  7. Så fascinerende byggverk! Flott bilde!

  8. Otroligt snygg bild med imponerande perspektiv!!
    Ha en fin start på den nya veckan 🙂


  9. Läckert perspektiv! ser ut som om man kan nå ända upp till himelsen! babels torn! 🙂

  10. beautifully composed and shot

  11. Involving perspective, well done

  12. Wow. This is awesome!

  13. Wow!!!!!
    That was AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL♥
    Have a Great Day☺
    ~Rocío a.k.a.”Mamí♥Picture

    • qutub minar
    • November 23rd, 2009

    Wow great picture, but your description is filled with errors, like it is not Mughal monument at all. Thater it was built 300 years before mughals even set foot in India.

    • I usually do not comment ANONYMOUS but as you so very kindly remark that I didn’t have my facts straight I want to say thank you. I have change Mughal to Indo-Islamic. Please next time do leave your ‘name’ it is better for the dialog.
      Take Care/ Tyra

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