Reading aloud

In the evenings on board the boat reading aloud is truely a time of real enjoyment .

Reading aloud

Reading aloud

Monochrome Monday


Have a great week/TYRA



  1. Reading by candle light – did that for eight of our twelve years on our island. The novelty wears thin…

  2. Yes, I can really feel the mood! I miss reading aloud – haven`t done that for years, since my son was a child.

  3. Candlelight reading is in keeping with the boat atmosphere and the experience makes it more worth remembering afterwards. Nice.

    • Exsactly how I feel, when I look at this photo I remember the that lovely evening so well.

  4. brilliant capture

  5. A well lit shot, lovely and soft. Having tried reading in low light when I had glaucoma, I wouldn’t do it now.

  6. Interesting

  7. Lovely photo and lovely idea – reading aloud. Like Aileni, we experienced times when we had no option but to read in low light conditions. But for an adventure – is that what is happening in the photo? – sounds great. What with friends, a glass of wine, and the gentle caresses of the sea.

  8. As from a film.


  9. A wonderful composition and well captured with the light.

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