Positive Captures in a Negative Form



Ha… this was fun; I’ve been playing around with some black and white pictures from Tyra’s Garden, giving them a total make-over. Pushing a few buttons really changes the images completely. Positive captures in a negative form.


Gergera Tyra's Garden
Gergera Tyra’s Garden
Sweet pea, Tyra's Garden

Sweet pea, Tyra's Garden

Rosa, Tyra's Garden

Rosa, Tyra's Garden



Vit Dahlia i min Potager, Tyra's Trädgård

Vit Dahlia i min Potager, Tyra's Trädgård






  1. You have had fun. If you take a positive and overlay it on the neg,you will get what is called the ‘plastic’ effect.

  2. This reminds me of the old days when I used to develop my own films and look at the before enlarging. I must try this one day.

    • do that Rune it is really fun. Especially with objects like flowers that I find quite dull in black and white.


    • 3c
    • September 20th, 2009

    It’s interesting that, despite the same technique, the results don’t seem to have much in common at all. A different emotion is evoked by each one.

    The last one is especially startling.

  3. They are interesting shots. You see the structure of the flower so well in these.

  4. Awesome pictures! Another way of showing of great flowers!

  5. Wow..let me know what buttons you pushed! You did an excellent job with all of them..fantastic!

  6. Very cool technique. Now you’ve got all of us thinking ‘negatively’.

  7. Those are awesome!

  8. neat!
    good work!

  9. Fascinating! They really stand out with this treatment. My favourite is the Gerbera.

  10. Cleverly done…

  11. Lovely blooms even in mono!

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