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Today I’m going to show you some pictures from my visit to this amazing place called Highgate Cemetery, just about one hour from the City of London’s hectic pulse. I’m a huge fan and admirer of this enchanted spot on earth. It lush, green, so very beautiful and calm.

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery - details

Highgate Cemetery - details

The cemetery’s grounds are full of mature trees, shrubbery and wild flowers all of which have been planted and grown without human influence. ( I don’t think that is completely true) I found a numerous wild flowers like for instance Bluebells Scilla non-scripta and Ramsons Allium ursinum. The guide told me that in a few weeks the wild poppies Papaver will bloom and can you imagine the red ‘lanterns’ lighten up the grounds. It must be wonderful. The grounds are a haven for birds and small animal. The cemeterys tree crowns form a wonderful most amazing canopy and the sound in the cemetery or the lack of noice is overwhelming.

Highgate Cemetery 'Sir Basil'

Highgate Cemetery 'Sir Basil'

‘Although its most famous occupant in the east cemetery is probably Karl Marx (whose tomb’s attempted bombing in 1970 is still recalled by some Highgate residents), there are many other prominent figures, Victorian and otherwise, buried at Highgate Cemetery.’ Facts from Wikipedia read more here
Tranquil Sleep Highgate Cemetery

Tranquil Sleep Highgate Cemetery

If you want to visit The Highgate Cemetery I recommend you to go to the official website of Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust

Highgate Cemetery
Swain’s Lane
N6 6PJ

Telephone No. (+44) 020 8340 1834

Have a great week my friend/ TYRA


  1. Her har du funnet litt av vært – et sted m,an kan krype rundt lenge med et kamera (drt gav meg ideer).

    Her fortrakk jeg bilde to, det ga for meg de reneste ok klareste linjer i monokrom.

    • Vet du Rune jag kunde ha stannat där i dager. Men det är guidade turer och man fick inte springa runt 😦

  2. Wonderful place! You’ve captured the stones and statues really well. And I never knew Karl Marx was buried in England!

  3. The first picture lookt like a panting from Monet…

    • It was a fantastic tour and it was like walking in a painting or at least a fantay world.

  4. I always wanted to photograph Highgate, the most photogenic cemetary in the world.

    • I so agree, I just wish I could have stayed longer. No tripod allowed though!!! isn’t that odd.

  5. I shall have to make Highgate Cememtery a must to visit….
    Looks a very interesting place.

    • I can really recommened it, it is so fascinating!

  6. Veldig bra i sort-hvitt. Likte godt det siste… litt triste bilder egentlig.

    • Nej inte trista tycker jag kanske lite dystra. Men det är ingen tjofadderittan ställe direkt. 🙂

  7. Highgate Cemetry – such a great place.
    And just as beautiful in b&w 🙂

  8. aptly grave

  9. Great shots and I love that you included the contact info…

    • Well Daryl I really like what I saw and they actually need more paying ‘guest’ so I thought I could perhaps give a helping hand. 🙂

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