Monochrome Maniacs

The More buildings.

The More buildings.




Morning are my favourite time of the day and this morning was no exception.





  1. The Westminster Bridge picture is particularly splendid and would not look out of place in a travel agents.

  2. Lovely contrast. Intrigued by the oval object in the second picture. Do you know what it is?

  3. The early bird get the worm or.. the great photo opp!

  4. Beautiful photos from a beautiful city.

  5. Hi Jan, no I don’t and that really annoyes me, just got to find out what that ‘seed’ is. It’s so great isn’t it?

  6. En side av London jeg ikke har sett før. Utmerket!

    • Well I can the really recommend it, the southside of the Thames. They got this wonderful ‘promenade’ along the river and lots of places to rest at and have a meal or a drink.

  7. That looks like a wonderful morning and you took some great shots. They work so well in monochrome.

  8. THose could be posters! Wonderful.

  9. Så tjusigt! Gillar solens blänk och det verkar som om sista bilden hade lite fart i när man tittar på gatan…eller så är det vinkeln som gör det! Underbara bilder är det i alla fall! =)
    Och tack för ditt besök! Önskar dig en underbar måndag och en solig vecka!

    • Hej Tiina, precis, det där blänket är rätt coolt det passar till de hypermoderna byggnaderna tycker jag.

  10. Excellent monos

  11. I’m not a city person but these photos make it seem very appealing. Great shots.

  12. Beautiful shots.

  13. Fantastic shots; a place I would love to visit sometime.

  14. The early photographer can capture some great light and shadows. Bravo . . . you did.

    • Racquel
    • May 6th, 2009

    Great black & white photos Tyra!

  15. Utrolig fine bilder. Veldig bra B&W utførelse og meget bra komposisjon.

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